Mar 26, 2022

pMad – ‘Broken’ will be released on the 4th April 2022.
The new single from pMad, again self-released & is accompanied by another visual masterpiece of a
video that follows the struggle of us all being ‘Broken’.
‘Broken’ – none of us are built without cracks or faults, we all hurt, we are all
Acknowledgment of this will save us?

Paul Dillon is an Irish solo artist from Portumna, Co. Galway named pMad.
During the pandemic Paul in collaboration with Zedakube Recording (Ireland), Protonaut
Studio(Germany) & Elith Mastering Labs (Mexico) & without ever being in the same room together
created ‘Broken’ and his album which is due for release later in 2022.
pMad is ‘Broken’ in some form or another, just like everybody else. Knowing and
understanding that we are all ‘Broken’ & being comfortable with that is the way to save
Paul has played with bands such as ‘Starve the Barber’ & ‘The Suicidal Dufflecoats’ & is currently a
member of ‘The Greeting’ & pMad.
Trying to keep up with everyone else, just leaves us behind, we are who we are –
‘Broken’ and that is ok!

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