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Advertisers Form

AlaCarte Broadcaster Mentions: You provide a script and our broadcasters read it at the beginning and end of their broadcast- Cost $10.00 CAD per show.

You determine the monthly budget and which shows you would like to have your mention on.

You set the limit you want to spend. A broadcaster may do a show four times a month.

Regular Rotation:

A regular rotation ad plays randomly over a 24 hour period, 7 days a week. Based on licensing the billing is done over a six month period and based on the time:

15 second ad- $240.00 CAD/ 6 months

30 Second ad- $400.00 CAD/ 6 months

These ads are professionally built to accommodate the script provided.

As we are an international station we cannot regionalize your ad. A listener in Saskatchewan and Thailand will hear the same ad at the same time.

Regular rotations ads include:

  • Professional studio commercial that is licensed for 6 months
  • Ad inserts play twice an hour randomly.
  • Rotation ads will be included in with broadcast shows, but only once.
  • A guarantee of plays but not of traffic

Why Advertise With Us?


  • We represent the community by staying active in community events and assisting events where we can.
  • Broadcasters are all Saskatchewan based. From Moose Jaw to Foam Lake, we are scattered around the province and represent different walks of life.
  • We are allies to LGBTQ+ 
  • We support Indiginous groups
  • We are all inclusive- a true community


  • Unlike FM/AM radio stations having a limited reach, we have no limitations as we are internet Radio.
  • Our station’s music selection in rotation caters to a large listening base so our target audience is all inclusive and very wide.
  • We average 7000 TLH (Total Listening Hours) a month which averages 292 listeners an hour.
  • Our interviews are archived on the web site (, Even if you stop the contract, your ad will be playing on archives.
  • Cosmos Astrum Radio is also on Roku (TV Channel). Your ad has the potential to have a greater reach as this is included.
  • Your company logo will also be in rotation during our live feeds.


  • Playing an ad is not a guarantee of traffic to your site or physical store.
  • Your ad is licensed for a duration to play live for 6 month under all countries licensing agreements due to the production of said ad. Archives are exempt from these terms.
  • Due to the production of the ad, we retain the ad as our property to restrict the risk of license violations with using the ad.
  • Pricing includes rotation, licensing, and production of the ad. 
  • Broadcaster mentions do not require licensing as they are reading your script provided.
  • We are a licensed radio station. Our server is in the United States and we broadcast from Canada. We are bound by FCC and CRTC guidelines- While we comply with DCMA guidelines.
  • Cosmos Astrum Radio is a Mudutu Effect project and is a registered business in Saskatchewan and in Canada. GST and PST is included in the pricing.

Cosmos Astrum Radio

137 Main Street

Milestone, SK S0G 3L0


A Mudutu Effect Project

Ad inserts are not a guarantee of increased profits or traffic to your business. We can only guarantee exposure.