January 2023 Indie Of The Month

Hem Netjer creates Dark Electronic Folk music based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Inspired by the middle Egyptian word for god’s servant (priest), we combine ancient stories, traditional instruments and modern technology. Haunting female vocals blended with deep throat singing and catchy synth lines create sounds that

RavenRissy is the lead vocalist, songwriter and visual designer. Her musical talents also include, classically trained piano, clarinet, fiddle, harp, tagelharpa, rotta lyre and frame drum and she has studied under artists such as Lindy-Fae Hella from Wardruna. Her Egyptology degree greatly influenced the EP Kemet, including the song Anubis; sung in ancient Middle Egyptian.

David Deckard is interested in combining traditional sounds and electronic music and specializes in digital sound design. Using his skills as a computer programmer he experiments with different technologies and input devices with the goal to bring digital melodies to the stage in a way that feels as natural as a traditional instrument would.

Jesse Ellytt experimented with creating electronic music until discovering throat singing. Using the traditional Tuvan style as a base, his deep reverberations mixed with digital bass lines shapes into a unique combination of sounds and rhythms. His style of singing creates an experience that will be different each time a song is performed.


Website: https://hemnetjer.band
Spotify: http://spotify.hemnetjer.band
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/hemnetjer
Bandcamp: https://hemnetjer.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @hemnetjer
Instagram: @hemnetjerband
Twitch: ravenrissy_hemnetjer