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Music Reviews from submissions

This is my second opportunity to listen to PMad!! Let me say I am happy to do so! He has a brand new tune coming out in April and I am lucky enough to get a crack at it before you do so let me tell you what to watch out for! If you don’t like the “grunge era” first of all let me say you are totally wrong and you should re evaluate many of your seemingly poor music choices you’ve obviously made lol.

This song is another one that is a straight ahead rock tune! This one had me reminiscing of the grunge era which was easily my favorite era of music! I really enjoy this tune! Once again PMad comes back with exceptional production quality that bass and drums really hit you right in the guts as they should and vocally it’s a great damn performance! Love the lyrics I think we’ve all felt a little “Broken” at one point or another in our lives but if you haven’t let me be the first to congratulate you!

For the rest of us however, we have a new anthem folks! The vocals are gritty as I expected but like in a Depeche Mode kind of way that is amazing!

Many might not hear it but I only tell you what I hear when I listen and challenge you to go listen to it when it drops in mere weeks and draw your own conclusions. Once again I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard from PMad it’s nice to know new music can still hit me like it did in the 90s golden days and give me hope for the future.

Thanks for the sneak peek PMad! 


I got to review “See How We Rise” this song gives me sweet springtime summer vibes. I don’t know where you may be in the world but where I am we have been getting our butts kicked by winter this year. This song is fitting because it’s about ascension and aside from that being an awesome inspiration in and of itself it’s also a damn good song! Robert is based out of North Wales UK and his voice definetly has that strong British pop rock tone to it which I love!  It’s ultra catchy and plastered with great piano notes and well placed frets. One word  that came to mind when I heard this was “experience”. You can sense when listening to this tune that you are hearing a master at work! I certainly encourage all of you reading this to go have a listen for yourself! Pretend for a moment you are investigating this great work to try to prove me wrong! You can’t. Thanks for the opportunity to listen to your arr Robert! I look forward to hearing more!


Guys, I’m going to whisper a name and wait for your mind to fall out! The Birthday Massacre !!!! Remember them?! Legendary industrial /electronic/rock  power house of a band AND CANADIAN TO BOOT!!! I love this band and that I get to review not one but TWO tracks off their brand new album for you is not something I take lightly!  Fresh off the release of the brand spanking new album “Fascination” the first tune I got to listen to is called “Dreams Of You” This song threw me for a loop right from the start in the best way! It’s a monster 80’s synth laden FRIGGEN jam! Everything about this song screams The Birthday Massacre are back! Powerful vocals from Chibi! admittedly I am a huge fan of her voice and she really drives it home across the whole album for sure but especially this song. Infectious chorus and masterful instrumentation it’s no wonder why this is their new single they chose! NEXT!

I got to review another tune called “Cold Lights” guys, I’m not gonna beat around the bush here, this is another smash in my opinion! Of course Chibi’s voice once again shines all over this groove filled tune. When I first heard the drums and back line of this tune I thought Holy shit!. Here you have a tune that combines almost all my favorite things! Synth, straight forward groove and an amazing vocalist! Check mate! The Birthday Massacre are a national treasure! Super grateful for the opportunity to review these tunes but don’t let my lack of being able to properly articulate a masterpiece of an album(because the whole album is AMAZING)  with meere mortal words stop you from checking these songs out or the album OR go revisit the back catalogue all you industrial goths! REJOICE!!! Morosely of course! The Birthday Massacre are back god damnit!


First of all I had a number of submissions from Chantal and I picked the one that I enjoyed the most,that’s not to say the others I heard aren’t equally awesome ! I just wanted to do one song this time around. I chose the song “Eye Of The Storm” I really like the opening on it with the great guitar riff and tasty double kick drum held together by a sonically pleasing string arrangement. I love that it comes at you hard and fast and then slows down and just guides you through the rest of the song with great vocals and lyrics! Chantal has got one heck of a set of pipes,I can tell she must be classically trained. I will review more of Chantal’s work as I go as I really think this is something anyone who likes old school prog Rock would enjoy for sure!  Thanks for sending your art in Chantal!  


The production value of this song first of all is refreshing as can be!

To my ears it sounds polished and obviously PMad put his money where it needed to go to make it sound so great from an overall production stand point. That is super important as any artist knows if the quality isn’t there than that can paint your art in a negative light to a degree which is not at all the case here.

I love the drums at the beginning! It sounds like a no frills straight ahead 4 on the floor rock tune to me. The lyrics are very thought provoking and of course the guitar and bass driven track shines in every aspect to me. Now I have no choice but to go revisit the back catalogue.

I don’t throw this around lightly but if you like Radiohead picture a darker Radiohead and this will be right up your alley. Thanks for sending this is PMad!


As the kids say, this song ” just hits different” first of all I love the ominous percussion and the low tones bringing forth a sense of impending doom.

I have to be real here folks, piano is one of my fav instruments to listen to and this song has it in all kinds of eerie spades! Some tones kind of sound like a creepy broken toy musical box type concoction and not at all in a bad way.

The vocals are literally breath taking , so haunting magical powerful and did I say haunting!? “Return to the void you can not hide” I’d argue that no one should try to hide from this band! Worth the listen! They will be live on Cosmos Astrum Radio Feb 26th!!!

Thanks so much for sending this tune in its definitely a bright spot in my listening selection. Well maybe bright spot isn’t the right term but I friggin dig it! Just put some head phones on turn the lights low and stare into the void.


Hello My Darling

Ok, I love piano and I also love guitar!

When you combine the two it’s generally a no brainer for me. This is very much the case for this song!

Tasty leads, great riffs and straight up well written song.

I love the tone of voice here i have to be honest I don’t listen to alot of music from Indonesia but god damnit I’m gonna change that after hearing this. I could easily hear this in a cd player alongside Bruce Springsteen and every other power house pop rock laden band.

That sounds like Im complaining! I’m not! I assure you. Nothing but two dancing thumbs up over here! Very cool to hear music from other countries and how their influencs they are exposed to shape their own art and how that comes back for our enjoyment. Great song Regi! Thanks for the ear worm.


Kiberspassk is back with a new single!!! Listen to this and then immediately deep dive their catalogue!

I listen to lots of stuff but admittedly I had never heard anything quite like Kiberspassk! Great song writing here and don’t get me started on some of the COOLEST sounding vocals of all time.

I love that throat singing they do! Super unique fast and punchy! The cadence at work here is not easy,trust me.

The soundscape in the background works perfect with the riff filled verses. I can’t do this band the proper justice they deserve with meere words! It’s definitely something you need to hear for yourself.

Once in a while something like Kiberspassk comes along and really throws you for a loop! I’ve been on a quest for something new and different for some time and I have found it here. That sounds cliche for sure and it’s not meant to be like “hey nice music” sarcastically. It has everything I like! Feeling, skill and a great polished sound.

I’m aware they are working on a new album and I couldn’t be more excited for that one! I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t urge you all to go listen to their album previously entitled “See Bear” that’s a whole other animal and as important as this brand new song!

It’s in rotation on Cosmos Astrum Radio for good reason. You will always have a place here Kiberspassk


Mr. Foxley! When we first recieved this submission I had remembered this artist from a previous music venture of my own hahah I was thrilled to hear he was still producing music of this calibre.

My excitement only grew as I listened to this tune! “I don’t want to go” musically perfect to me! Love the guitar work excellent fretting nothing over fancy just tried tested and true deliberate fretting in a good way.

I find some musicians try to over compensate with weird noodling and outlandish riffs that aren’t always good whereas Phillip Foxley here found the perfect pocket. His vocals are soul filled and haunting which ties in perfectly with the whispy windy sounds throughout and the lyrics of the song itself. I am a definite fan and have been of his previous releases as well but I really think he took it to the next level here. “I don’t want to go” and I don’t want to stop listening!

10/10 from me! This is another one you can hear on Cosmos Astrum Radio again for good reason. Expert musicianship from Mr. Foxley. If this is a taste of things to come I wait with bated breath.