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Matthew Lay / Broadcaster

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Matthew Lay Is A Multifaceted Individual With A Diverse Range Of Talents And Experiences. As An Accomplished Author, He Has Both Penned His Own Books And Contributed To Others, Showcasing His Versatility In Writing. Beyond His Literary Achievements, Lay Is Also A Musician, Adding A Layer Of Artistic Expression To His Profile. His Academic Background Is Equally Impressive, Holding Several Degrees In Electronics And Communications, Further Complemented By His Service As A Combat Communications Journeyman In The United States Air Force.

However, Lay’s Interests Extend Beyond The Conventional, As He Is Also A Practicing Occultist. With Over 45 Years Of Experience In The Occult Field, Paranormal Research, And Supernatural Studies, He Brings A Unique And Seasoned Perspective To Topics Such As The Paranormal, Supernatural, Magick, And Witchcraft. Lay Is Passionate About Teaching And Aims To Offer Alternative Viewpoints On These Subjects, Enriched By His Extensive Background And Knowledge.

In His Professional Life, Lay Applies His Expertise To The Technology Sector, Specifically In Optimizing Frequencies. His Work Focuses On Enhancing The Quality Of Video, Phone, And Internet Services For Customers, Ensuring They Receive The Best Possible Connectivity And Experience. This Blend Of Technical Skill, Profound Knowledge Of The Occult, And Creative Expression Makes Matthew Lay A Distinctive And Influential Figure In Both His Professional Endeavors And Personal Pursuits.